Brain, Pain, or Training Collection

The BPT Bundle at a reduce price

As recommended by Horse and Hound magazine and now "Book of the month" Christmas 2016 in Horse Magazine!

This inspirational book and DVD collection consists of a signed copy of the book and a double-disc DVD with a running time of approximately three hours, all for only £39.99.  Packed with easily understood content, exercises, and advice, the book and DVD feature a whole host of equestrian professionals including four-time Olympian Richard Davison, 'The Man Who Listens To Horses' Monty Roberts, PetPlan Vets of the year Gil Riley and Chris Pearce, internationally renowned clinician and founder of ‘Ride With Your Mind’ Mary Wanless, Olympic clinicians and consultants Juliet Lock and Dr David Marlin, and best selling authors Sue Devereux and Kelly Marks, as well as horse owners describing their experiences of ‘Brain, Pain or Training’ with their own horse. With it's beautifully crafted content, this bundle will walk you through each step of improving your relationship with your horse. It will take the guesswork out of his behaviour, enabling you to build an ultimately more satisfying connection. From happy hackers to top level professionals, this book and DVD bundle will support you in your quest towards a better partnership with your horse.

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